May 7, 2014

About Us


Modio Computing SP ( specializes in Big Data streaming analytics, large scale messaging and related training courses. Modio has several years of experience in large-scale distributed systems, messaging and analytics and have delivered projects in security, messaging, cloud provisioning, mobile media, machine learning, data extraction and event aggregation and rule-based event processing (complex event processing).

Based on the consulting experience and as part of our decision to focus on Big Data streaming analytics, Modio Computing has developed a messaging and analytics platform called Qiqbus. The platform has been designed to operate on a cloud environment. It implements a share-nothing architecture that allows it to scale to a very large number of users, devices and traffic rate. It is geographically distributed, with each geographic zone operating in complete isolation from the other zones. The platform is fully multitenant with each tenant managing her own set of users, devices, processing topologies, and alerts.